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What is a bengal cat?


The Bengal cat is a pedigree cat, which resulted from the crossing of the Asian leopard cat - a wild cat with a short-haired domestic cat.


Thus, the Bengal cat belongs to the hybrids. For hybrids there are 5 conditions in the handling of the animals up to a certain generation which must be guaranteed according to species protection.


We breed from the generation and for our fancier animals there are no more special attitude editions, they can be held like normal house cats.


However, a secured balcony/garden/terrace or an outdoor enclosure is desirable for the animals in any case. An appropriate space within the apartment/house would then be an alternative.



The essence of a bengal cat

Today's Bengal is bred exclusively purebred, which means that the animals may only be mated with each other. Bengals are active until old age. They are very curious and quite capable of retrieving objects - feel free to watch the spectacle in the Gallery & Videos section.


Due to their intelligent nature and their activity, this cat species needs a lot of activity, otherwise they can tend to behavioral problems. 


A second cat is therefore an absolute "must have" so that the animal has a playmate. She loves to talk to her humans, be it with almost intrusive cuddling and purring or vocally by cooing and meowing. In her manner she reminds sometimes of a small dog, which follows its human through the whole apartment. 


As heir of the ALC Asian Leopard Cat, the Bengal has an enormous jumping power and many love the water, both she has from her wild relative. A still young cat breed which will be actively promoted by us as a hobby breed with a lot of heart and soul. 


About us

Bengal are the right choice?


Coat drawing

Each breeder specializes in one or more coat drawings or colors. We breed BROWN & SNOW. This depends on the particular mating and its genetic carrier.


It is best to ask the breeder which matings are planned to get a little preview, in principle the result is always a surprise, each animal has individual markings.


With Bengals the kittens are matured with about 1 year of the coat drawing, the exception are the Snow Bengals, here it can take up to 2 years until the coat drawing is darkened. Through the contrast, then the rosettes will stand out excellently.

+13 Million

Cats live in German households.

+Favorite pet

This makes the cat one of the top favorite pets.

+ Health Plus

An absolute health plus.

Animals have been used for therapies since time immemorial.


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