Our Flash News informs you about short term news concerning our cattery but also about fairs & offers of our partners.

Evaluation of the genetic fine work - exhibitions serve the adjustment to the breed standard and belong for us, to breed just as an optimal health care.

A small insight of our last exhibitions to the current and past year. Exhibitions national, international and on world exhibitions, we hope that we find again often the time to let judge our cats.

Winners Corner

Our results from 2020 the Corona show year, we hope to be able to go more regularly again in 2021/2022. Until then safety first ;-)

Fair dates for 2021/2022

Partner Links aus der Region Franken

Individuelle Massivkratzbäume

- Daniela Sighele ( in Breitengüßbach)


- Familie Kuhnlein ( in Lichtenfels)

Partner Links Solid Cat Tree / Scratching Trees

Drapaki.pl - Kratzbäume

Veterinarian & clinic recommendations from Franconia

Kleintierzentrum am Obermain Lichtenfels

- Dr. med. vet. J.-F. Schille

Genetik Spezialisten

Genetik für die Katze


Genetik für die Katze