Is a Bengal cat the right choice for me / us?

With 3 short questions you can answer these questions for yourself...

The right window protection is what counts!

Bengals are good climbers and tilted windows are very tempting, a proper window protection should be ensured to protect the cat from serious injuries. To keep your house cat safe despite curiosity and smells inside the living quarters, the company "austmetall" offers great solutions without drilling. Have a look at the tilt window protection on their homepage, just click on the "austmetall logo" above. The advertising is unpaid and the recommendation out of conviction.

Square - Equipment

The normal house cat is a little more undemanding, but the Bengal cats need enough space inside your apartment or house and enough play and hiding places and to climb which are to be provided. Since they really like to climb, they are happy about a wall climbing park, for example. Here you can be creative and maybe it even offers to integrate your furniture with.


Great would be e.g. also a secured terrace/garden or a balcony e.g. with net or even as an alternative with enough place also a small outside enclosure.


Otherwise, of course, sufficient space indoors in your apartment or house would be an alternative. A low-noise cat wheel would be a further occupation possibility to challenge the animals and to support the cardiovascular system.


Just have a look at www. or "Kessler wheels", surely there is a suitable cat wheel for every taste.

Schaut einfach mal bei www. oder "Kessler wheels" um, sicherlich gibt es für jeden Geschmack das passende Katzenlaufrad.

Social being!

Playmates are an absolute "must"

Bengals are not suitable for single keeping, they are usually very active and have a pronounced play instinct until old age. So that one also becomes fair to you, the attitude of a second cat, is compellingly necessary!


Cats can occupy themselves wonderfully in company with each other and demand this occupation and the social togetherness also.


 However, they pay attention not to lead every cat breed without informing themselves in advance, together. In addition to the character, it is best to choose the same sex, so that little friction arises and can be played at eye level.



We do NOT give our animals into pure single keeping, there must live at least one second cat in the household, which is suitable from the age for a problem-free combination (the age should not be more than 1.5 years apart, then 2 kittens would be better again). It is also possible to have a pair of siblings if the age of the cat already living in the household is much older.


We are happy to advise whether your ideas could harmonize.


Prevention is important to us!

We attach great importance to the fact that the animals are well in the long term and thus also your wallet, because sick animals cost much more...


We recommend high quality grain and sugar free feed with at least + 90% meat content for the animals to provide. Further information they receive gladly over us e.g. Mj**Mj** , Tundr* etc. with over 90%, an alternative would be Barfen (raw meat feeding) or a combination of both, hold I for the best solution, also with treats one can make much wrong.


To prevent kidney damage and fluid loss, they please completely abandon dry food as the main food. This often contains sugar and carbohydrates and thus substances, which the cat can metabolize very badly and is not suitable for the animals and thus burdens their organism strongly. 


Our kittens, are not used to it and therefore do not need to be weaned :-) As treats are suitable great things like: freeze-dried chicken hearts, etc. Full flavor with 100% meat.


Regular preventive care at the vet is a "must" for a healthy and long cat life. The ongoing vet costs (eg deworming, booster vaccinations and the HCM sound (heart) we assume and are here with the purchase of such an animal from us.


Our animals come with the basic immunization PLUS (4 times vaccination parvo + cat cold + chlamydia + calici, for abroad "rabies" additionally. For breeding rabies + Felv additionally) with EU pet passport/vaccination certificate) as well as fecal screen for breeding animals, chipped and dewormed several times as lovers already neutered into your new home. 


It is recommended to take out at least one OP insurance for the animals to avoid high costs for a possible surgery (purely preventive!) Costs about 9-13 euros per month per animal. Please compare the benefits carefully and choose according to your needs. We recommend the "COYA Tierversicherung, AGILA or Hanse Merkur" Our animals are insured there ourselves and we are very satisfied with it.

Cat hair allergy

"Check up"

If you are allergy preloaded, it offers itself in the apron a self-test to make, since I am however no physician and no prognoses can place, I ask you always a medical advice to follow, I can let only empirical values flow in here with, since my husband is allergic and has no problem, whether Snow or brown.


We have successfully placed a few kittens into allergic households so far and so far there have been no problems with our animals.


Our procedure:


1. self-test with the cat hair Bengal (Brown + Snow). 


2. official cat hair allergy test blood (cost approx. 35 Euro)


3. visit and deal directly with the animals 


4. in a special clinic with specialization - allergy, from the hairs of the kittens a serum can be made and the allergy status can be checked. Here in Franconia the next special clinic for this is in Würzburg.


If the doctor then also gives the green light, we are happy if you decide for our animals




You will receive from us in advance everything that is needed to enable a basic testing.


As soon as the kittens are whelped, intensive cuddling is then announced from the permitted visiting time to see if you have problems with the animals.


We usually always have at least 2 longer appointments scheduled for cuddling and of course the preliminary testing should have already been done to generally check and confirm your allergy status.


You should have a lot of fun with our animals and if it is quite uncertain, then the kitten itself must also be tested if your desired kitten has already been whelped.


Please have the following clarified in connection with a possible allergy: 


Protein compound "Fel-Dh1"


Order cat allergy test kit and perform it in the comfort of your home, here you will get a first status and may soon look forward to the new family members. The test makes sense even if you have never come into contact with cats.

Click on the allergy test image to request your personal cat allergy test kit. 


There are also other manufacturers of these tests, you can also have them done by your doctor.

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