Litter Planning - 2022 - WAITING LIST OPEN -


With a place on our waiting list you secure your new family member for the current or next litter. 


We are planning the first litter after our break in 2021 for November. For this the waiting list is already full, at the beginning of the year another litter will follow. Please ask via our contact form.



Our kittens possess thanks to your patient anticipation:



- A DNA guarantee which is registered in the pedigree


- Animals with lines from great breed standard


- Offspring from HCM and PKD screened parents and ancestors



Even if in the next weeks e.g. no litter is visible in the calendar, you are always welcome to ask. (Maybe the calendar is just being updated). 


It usually takes a few weeks from birth until the kittens can move in with you, while they should still enjoy the protection of the mother to be socialized.




We are constantly trying to further optimize our breeding goal, for this we consciously invest a lot of effort to bring out the best from the matings - quality before quantity, therefore we clearly differentiate ourselves from the quantitative breedings.


The planning and especially the attention to the genetics of the ancestor generations are in focus here. We also cooperate with worldwide, as well as among other things "wild type" oriented cattery's, which are characterized by their years of experience and put a lot of emphasis on the "type". A mission that also drives our cattery. 


Currently we are working in our breeding program on the "ALC lower body markings", as well as on an even more contrasting base color, the ears are also another milestone that we would like to tackle in the next few years. A project which will extend for years and in the course of which beautiful kittens will fall again and again.


Usually a litter is between 3 - 6 kittens strong, there are of course exceptions and just the first litters of an offspring cat and in previous generations, can be somewhat smaller.